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Has moving from B2B to B2YOU become your challenge and opportunity?

What? Wait a minute, what exactly is B2X you're asking? Yes, how fast things change. B2YOU means you're now ready and able to sell direct to anyone--business-to-business (B2B) and/or business-to-consumer (B2C).

In B2You (also called B2B2C), each segment gets their own unique buying experience--their own personalized preferences, messaging, pricing, financing, promotions, and shipping options. B2You selling is now the next-gen challenge and opportunity for manufacturers, distributors and even professional service firms to create new products and services both on and offline--and yes--mobile first!

Digitalization-as-a-Service (DaaS)

To achieve this we'll work together to digitize-your business-as-a-service (DaaS)--end-to-end-- from pre-sale to post-sale through to support. But, rest assured, we'll only move forward step-by-step, one app at a time, and you'll be fully prepared, trained and ready before the next. Our approach empowers you to be far more efficient and agile, yet crucially, move at your own pace of change.

During this journey, you'll see how you can evolve your workflows in ways to create new revenue streams and even new business models. You'll do this by working with you customers and also deliver at a speed and cost-effectiveness that wasn't viable for SMB's until now. And what's most exciting is that you'll have an open ecosystem to create in, adding the right application with pay-per-use flexibility only as you need. So no more silos and no more expensive integrations!

Our Services

Enabling businesses with seamless workflows, intelligent chatbots, decision-making analytics, automated sales and marketing, accounting, CRM, ERP eCommerce and help desk...

Coaching & Consulting

From strategy through to implementation and training. Together we succeed by enriching your customer experience.

eCommerce Development


We build B2B eCommerce platforms so we've chosen best of breed partners perfect for mid-market to speed and improve online sales.

Replatform & Integrations


Let's sync your front-end and back office systems step-by-step--CRM, ERP, Accounting and analytics.

Sales & Marketing Automation


Have a CRM? Yes, no--sorta? Not really well used? Got features but not enough useful data or integration? Let's fix that.

Decision-Making Analytics

The holy grail of any business is having the right data to better inform your decisions. Let's make a real-time dashboard to do just that.

Help Desk & Support


Got questions? Bring em' on. Start a support ticket from our chatbot. Schedule a call. We'll help you leverage AI and human-to-human.

Our Partners

As digital business strategists, analysts, designers, developers and systems integrators, we've carefully selected and partnered with long standing firms known for their world-class reputation for agility, leading innovation and performance.

Digitizing-your-business-as-a-Service (DaaS)




Get Agile in the Cloud

Mobile Business Ready

CRM with Reporting Analytics

Digital Signature Management

Password Security Vault

Personalized 1:1 Training

Onboarding & Support

--- and more




Kick-Start Plus

Sales & Marketing Automation

End-to-End eCommerce

Voice Assist Product Ordering

Intelligent Chatbots

API Integrations

Performance Analytics

--- and more




Scale-Up Plus

Accounting and Finance

Fully Custom Workflows

HR Recruitment

Ongoing Engagement

Help Desk and Support

Performance Analytics

--- and more


Custom pricing


Accelerate Plus

Lean Customer Discovery

Agile Learning Management

Ongoing Digital Transformation

Artificial Intelligence

Unified Business Analytics

Dedicated Digital Strategist

--- and more

Executive Team

We collaborate together to automate your business end-to-end, from strategy to technology. But we do this by working back from your customer experience.

David Lester
Chief Digital Officer

David handles end-to-end digital strategy, business design, research and content.

Kamal Govind
Chief Technology Officer

Kamal manages our devops team, cloud engineering and data analytics.

Erik Levesque
Creative Director

Erik focuses on branding, graphics design, and visual communication (2D/3D, AR/VR)

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Our Process

Align Business Priorities & Projects

Where's the real priority to get started? B2B2C eCommerce? CRM? ERP integrations? Sales and marketing alignment for ABM? Workflow automation to improve productivity? Chatbots for leads? New revenue streams? Let's make a roadmap!

End-to-End Digital Process Design

Digitizing your business-as-Service (DaaS) is the best way we've found to help you start where you are and put the pieces together one step at a time so you can move forward as fast as possible without losing your mind.

Continuous Quality Assurance

Creating and delivering value requires continuous iteration for sustained business development and quality assurance. Are you ready to invest in the right people, process and technology to learn new skills and capabilities.

What our clients say...

"I have been using David's services for over 2 years now. He has become my trusted go-to consultant for web strategy, social media marketing, CRM, technology platform deployment and general business strategy. Rarely have I met someone with the breadth and depth of knowledge of David. He has a well-structured opinion on almost any business or technology issue...

Karl Genest


PrezExpert Inc.

"If you want to make sense of how media and communications (the apparent and the invisible) affect us all, talk to David. Buy him a croissant and a cappuccino, then ask how to make it relevant to your business or your life. You'll see the world in all dimensions. "

Matthew Sardina

Organization & Transformation Consultant, Deloitte Canada

"David provided Telephonic with insightful market and business intelligence that has had a fundamental impact on how we operate our business. Beyond simply letting us know how and where Telephonic was placed in our key markets, David was able to identify and emphasize our strengths in ways we had not realized. "

Graham Nelson-Zutter


Corvum (previously Telephonic)

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